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First time in India, Bedroom Chocolates 🍫

Our Story

Welcome to The Cocolove: Where Chocolate Makes Romance Playful and Luxurious

Get ready for a story as sweet as our chocolates!

We're The Cocolove, dreamed into existence by Praween Kr and Sindhu - two visionaries from NIFT and IIM-C. Their journey began when Praween was searching for a gift for Sindhu that was intimate, luxurious, yet different from the usual offerings like greeting cards, teddy bears, or sugar-packed chocolates. This search unveiled a gap in the market for luxury intimate gifts with a unique twist.

Our Story: Crafting Intimacy with a Touch of Luxury

Praween's quest for the perfect gift led to a eureka moment: Why not craft a luxury intimate gift that also embraces the idea of intimacy with a hint of playfulness? The idea blossomed into creating chocolates that weren't just sweet treats but a medium to enhance love and connection. Praween discovered that chocolates, especially dark chocolate, are beneficial for sexual wellness. Inspired, we decided to amplify the natural power of cacao by infusing it with sexual wellness boosters like ashwagandha, shilajit, vitamins, and saffron into a 45% dark chocolate base. We sourced these ingredients meticulously, ensuring they were of the highest quality.

Why Call Them Bedroom Chocolates?
  • 45% Dark Cocoa: Rich in phenylethylamine and serotonin, these compounds elevate mood and evoke feelings of happiness and love, setting the stage for intimate connections.

  • Ashwagandha: Known for its bioactive compounds with aphrodisiac properties, ashwagandha boosts vitality and energy, enhancing the sensual experience.

  • Shilajit: Packed with fulvic acid, it's revered for its ability to enhance libido and support overall sexual health, adding a layer of depth to your moments of closeness.

  • Vitamin E: An antioxidant powerhouse, Vitamin E supports reproductive health, ensuring that every indulgence is also an act of care for your body.

  • Saffron: Infused with crocin, saffron is celebrated for its ability to improve sexual function, adding a luxurious and exotic touch to the blend, making each bite a step towards deeper connection.

Why settle for plain pills when you can indulge in TheCocolove chocolates?

Directly consuming pills might offer the desired health benefits, but it lacks the essence of joy, taste, and shared intimacy that our chocolates bring to the table. Unlike pills, which are often seen as a personal and sometimes embarrassing admission in intimate settings, TheCocolove chocolates are all about enhancing the experience of togetherness.

They're not just packed with the goodness of natural aphrodisiacs like ashwagandha, shilajit, and saffron alongside the richness of dark cocoa; they're a celebration of romance, luxury, and love.

Pills are not items you can joyfully share with your partner. There's a stigma, a sense of awkwardness in admitting to taking pills to enhance intimate experiences.

On the contrary, sharing a piece of TheCocolove chocolate in the bedroom sparks romance and connection. It transforms a simple act into an intimate, shared journey, igniting feelings of love and desire.

Moreover, our chocolates invite creativity and playfulness into your moments together. Imagine engaging in chocolate play, where couples can share chocolates passionately, or even explore using the chocolate in more sensual, erotic ways, like applying it on each other's bodies and exploring those flavors together.

This not only elevates the intimate experience but also deepens the bond, making every moment spent together memorable and filled with affection.

So, why opt for the mundane route of pills when TheCocolove offers a delicious, sensual, and joyous way to bring the same benefits, all while wrapped in the warmth and excitement of chocolate?